August 2018 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for August 8th, 2018

  1. Call to Order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Pass the Hat Fundraising

  4. Treasurer's Report: Balance $173,973.14.

    1. Motion to file July report for audit: Mike Lajoie

    2. 2nd: Margaret Craven

    3. Passes

  5. Secretary's Report

    1. Motion to approve the minutes from July: Bill Coffin

    2. 2nd: Chris Beam

    3. Passes

  6. Chair's Report

    1. Update from legislators: None present

    2. Update from Commissions: None present

    3. Update from City Council: Mike Lajoie updates us on the meeting to find a company to build new fire substations. New locations were selected, along with a builder, but final approval still rests with the full city council.

    4. Update from School Committee: None Present

    5. Update from State Committee: None Present

    6. Update from County Committee: There will be a special meeting on August 20th to chose a Democratic candidate for the special election in County Commissioner District 6.

    7. Campaigns update: Mike LeChance has now entered into the House 61st race, replacing now-Democrat Jason Lavoie.

    8. Coordinated Campaign update: Always in need of new Volunteers

    9. Bates Program: Julia Panepinto and Nina Muskowitz have been hired as Leaders.

  7. Old Business

    1. Audit Committee Report

      1. Motion to Accept Report From Audit Committee and All Therein Contained Treasurer’s Reports: Mike Lajoie

        1. 2nd: Margaret Craven

        2. Vote: Passes

  8. New Business

    1. Need to concentrate on Heidi’s election (House 61).

    2. Zak Ringelstein Speaks

  9. New Member Approval: None

  10. Motion for Adjournment: Chris Beam

    1. 2nd: Chris Hodgkins

    2. Passes


Attendance: Kiernan-Majerus-Collins, Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer, Chris Hodgkins, Safiya Khalid, Jason Lavoie, Mike Lajoie, Rita Lajoie, Margaret Craven, Christine Holden, Gerald Frenette, Bill Coffin, Elizabeth Eames, Joline Beam, Chris Beam, John Sinclair.

Non-Member Attendance: Sammy Potter, Zak Ringelstein