Adopted July 11th, 2018, Amended March 13, 2019


I    NAME The name shall be the Lewiston Democratic Party (hereinafter referred to as “the Party”). The governing body of the Party shall be the Lewiston Democratic City Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee” or “the LDCC”).

II   OBJECTIVE The purpose of the Party is to support local, county and state objectives including:

  1. Promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party through the support and election of the Party’s candidates;

  2. Encourage voter participation in all elections;

  3. Advocate issues consistent with the principles of the Democratic Party;

  4. Encourage the participation of Lewiston Democrats in their local and other Democratic Party committees;

  5. Collaborate with the Androscoggin County Democratic Committee and the Maine Democratic Party for the purpose of advancing Democratic ideals and candidates;

  6. Voter education; and,

  7. Such other activities as are required to accomplish these purposes.

III   MEMBERSHIP Any enrolled Democrat registered to vote in the City of Lewiston, County of Androscoggin and State of Maine (hereinafter referred to as “Lewiston”) and meeting the following requirements shall be a member of the Committee:

  1. Any enrolled Democrat attending the biennial municipal caucus shall be a member of the Committee;

  2. New members may be added to the Committee by a majority vote of the Committee itself at any meeting;

  3. There shall be no limits on the number of members on the Committee;

  4. Any Committee member absent for three (3) consecutive meetings shall be removed from the rolls of the Committee unless an exemption is granted by the Chair;

  5. Any person who holds local, county, state or federal elected office and is an enrolled Democrat in Lewiston shall be a member of this Committee ex officio with full rights and voting privileges; and,

  6. Any vote to add new members to the Committee shall occur at the end of a meeting as the last item prior to adjournment.

IV   TENURE The term of office of all committee members shall expire upon the selection of the successor Committee at the biennial municipal caucus.

V    OFFICERS The officers of the Committee shall consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such other officers as the Committee deems necessary. A Secretary-Treasurer is also permitted by these bylaws. All officers shall be members of the Executive Committee. All officers shall be members of the Committee and shall be elected by a majority vote of the Committee’s members. In the event three or more candidates contest an election for one of the officer positions, the election shall be held using successive runoff elections, eliminating the candidate who receives the fewest votes until one candidate has a majority. The regular election of officers shall be held at the first meeting in each odd-numbered year. Special elections may be held at a regular or special Committee meeting convened with proper notice as defined by these bylaws, or at the biennial municipal caucus.

VI    DUTIES AND TENURE OF THE OFFICERS All officers shall assist in the training of their successors and transfer to them the records and other items in their possession belonging to the Committee. Additionally, the officers shall have the following duties, which are not inclusive of all duties incumbent upon the officer, and any officers not listed below shall have their duties specifically set forth, in writing, at the meeting at which they are nominated and elected. The tenure of all officers shall be two years from their initial election unless extended by a confidence vote of the committee.

A. The Chair shall:

  1. be the general executive officer of the Committee and shall preside at all meetings;

  2. be a member ex officio of all subcommittees;

  3. appoint the chairs and members of all subcommittees, but may at their discretion delegate the appointment of subcommittee members to the subcommittee chair;

  4. call as needed at any meeting a confidence vote by which the Committee may renew the terms of the officers by two years or force new elections;

  5. communicate on behalf of the Party to and with the public;

  6. and serve as the biennial caucus convener or appoint someone to serve as the biennial caucus convener for the purpose of electing a new Committee, electing officers if necessary, and electing state convention delegates and alternates.

B. The Vice Chair shall:

  1. be vested with all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the Chair in their absence or in the event of their death or resignation;

  2. and perform all other duties as the Chair shall from time to time assign.

C. The Secretary shall:

  1. be the recording officer of the Committee and shall keep a complete and accurate record of the Committee meetings, including, but not limited to, the attendance of all persons, members or non-members, who attend each meeting and said names shall be provided with the minutes;

  2. promptly file a duplicate copy of such record of each meeting with the Chair and the Treasurer;

  3. present minutes of each meeting to the Committee for approval at the subsequent meeting;

  4. be responsible for the timely delivery of meeting notices consistent with these bylaws;

  5. be responsible for verifying eligibility for membership, using voting cards or some other reasonable procedure to ensure eligibility requirements are met;

  6. maintain a complete and accurate record of the Committee membership;

  7. file a duplicate copy of the membership list with the Chair;

  8. update the Committee membership list as new members are selected, upon notice of change of address or contact information of Committee members, and/or upon receipt of any resignations;

  9. provide, upon receipt of any additions, resignations, and/or updates, duplicate copies of such changes and updates to the Chair;

  10. Maintain accurate membership list of all subcommittees, officers and Committee roles;

  11. Make available upon request information about the Committee including officers, members, and subcommittees in a manner consistent with these bylaws;

  12. and perform all other duties as the Chair shall from time to time assign.

D. The Treasurer shall:

  1. keep a full and accurate record and account of all receipts and expenditures;

  2. present a Treasurer’s report coinciding with the monthly bank statement at each monthly Committee meeting subject to the acceptance of the members of the Committee to be filed for audit;

  3. maintain a file which shall contain the monthly bank statement, expenditures,  copies of checks received, receipts for cash monthly, Treasurer’s report, and minutes of the previous meeting;

  4. deposit all money in the name of the Committee in a recognized bank or credit union;

  5. make proper vouchers therefore and shall render to the Chair and the Committee a full report of all transactions as Treasurer of the financial condition of the Committee at such time as requested by the Chair of the Committee;

  6. only disburse monies when authorized;

  7. file reports with the Maine Ethics Commission, file copies of reports and provide a copy to the Chair;

  8. endeavor to ensure that all expenditures by check, debit card, or cash have a receipt from the point of purchase;

  9. and perform all other duties as the Chair shall from time to time assign.

E. Executive Committee

  1. Membership: The voting membership of the Executive Committee shall be the officers of the Committee (LDCC) and one At-Large Member, who shall be elected in the same manner and according to the same provisions as are provided for the election of officers in above.

  2. Responsibilities: The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Committee. In addition, the Executive Committee shall have the power to take action between meetings of the Committee when action is necessary and an emergency meeting of the Committee cannot be held. The Executive Committee shall make recommendations to the Committee and perform other duties as specified in these bylaws. The Committee may direct the Executive Committee to act on its behalf. No acts of the Executive Committee shall conflict with actions taken by or directions of the Committee. The Executive Committee shall also have responsibility to:

    1. Set the agenda for meetings of the Committee.

    2. Receive requests from Committee members for the removal of a member or officer of the Committee. The Executive Committee shall gather pertinent information, deliberate on this matter, and act in accordance with these bylaws.

  3. Meetings: The Executive Committee will hold its meetings between regularly scheduled meetings of the Committee. Meeting times shall be communicated to the Executive Committee membership in a timely manner, and meetings should be sufficiently in advance of meetings of the Committee to allow adequate notice of decisions affecting the agenda or otherwise affecting the business of the Committee meeting.


  1. The Treasurer shall have the authority to sign checks. If the Treasurer is unavailable, the Chair shall sign checks as authorized by the Committee.

  2. The financial books or records of the organization are the property of the organization and not the Treasurer. They should be open for examination at any reasonable time by the officers of the committee. All past and future records should be accumulated and passed on to future officers.

  3. Budgets and Spending Policies:

  1. The Executive Committee will develop revenue and spending plans on a two year cycle.

  2. Expenditures, except those that are necessary to maintain activities or programs that require periodic payments, must be approved at a Committee meeting.

  1. Requests for donations to other organizations must be reviewed for recommendation by the Executive Committee prior to Committee meeting to insure the donation meets LDCC goals and budget guidelines.

  2. Cash Transactions:

    1. In cases where cash is being distributed by the Treasurer, a signed receipt will be required of the individual receiving the cash stating that they have received it and how much they received; the signer will from that point be responsible for the accounting of it.

    2. Cash receipts will be counted and recorded in the Treasurer records within 24 hours from the time received.

    3. Bank deposits will be made regularly to avoid having significant amounts of cash on hand.

VIII. RESIGNATION Any Committee member or officer may resign at any time. The resignation shall be made in writing and shall take effect upon receipt by the Chair or the Secretary who shall record such resignation, noting the date of its receipt. The acceptance of a resignation by the vote of the Committee shall not be necessary. A member’s removal from the City of Lewiston’s list of the enrolled Democratic voters shall be considered an automatic resignation from the Committee.

IX. REMOVAL An officer or member of the Committee may be removed at a meeting called expressly for that purpose. Notice, as is set forth below, must be given to all Committee members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. Removal shall require the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the Committee members present and voting, as well as a majority of the Executive Committee.

X. CONTRACTION AND PAYMENT OF BILLS The following must be followed prior to the entry of any contract or purchase involving the transfer of monies by the Committee:

  1. if more than $1,000.00 is to be expended a vote by the Committee approving the expenditure must be made;

  2. if less than or equal to $1,000.00 is to be expended a majority of the Executive Committee may authorize the expenditure between meetings provided the expenditure does not cause the Committee’s total assets to fall below $2,000, however, the Committee must be notified of this expenditure at the next Committee meeting; and,

  3. all bills shall be itemized and accompanied by receipts to show exactly what has been spent before being paid by the Treasurer.

XI. MEETINGS Meetings of the Committee may be called at any time by the Chair and shall be called upon the written request of ten (10) Committee members. If the Chair fails to call a meeting within thirty (30) days of receipt of such request, then a meeting may be called by notice, as is defined below, of any member of the Executive Committee. In the event of an emergency requiring a meeting, notice shall be given three (3) days prior to the holding of the meeting.

XII. NOTICE Notice shall be provided at least seven (7) days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting to all members of the Committee by mail, email, in person, telephone contact, or by publication in the Sun Journal or any other newspaper of daily circulation in Lewiston. Any combination of notices may be given to members for any one meeting.

XIII.   GRIEVANCE Any and all grievances by members of the Committee or duly enrolled members of the Maine Democratic Party may be pursued through the county and state grievance process, though all final decisions shall be made by the LDCC.

XIV. QUORUM In order to conduct the business of the Committee there must be at least five (5) Committee Members and two (2) Executive Committee members present. If there are less than ten (10) members on the Committee then one-half (1/2) of all non-Executive Committee members must be present along with two (2) Executive Committee members.

XV. AUDIT The Chair shall appoint an Audit Committee consisting of at least three (3) members to inspect all financial records and accounts at the following times or when requested by the Chair:

  1. at the time a person is elected as Treasurer of the Committee;

  2. upon resignation of the Chair or Treasurer; but

  3. at least once a year.

The Chair and Treasurer shall not be members of the Audit Committee, and the Treasurer shall comply with all Audit Committee requests to a reasonable extent and attend all Audit Committee meetings.

XVI. AMENDMENTS Proposed amendments to these Bylaws shall be presented in writing to the Executive Committee for review. A (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee is required to recommend any amendment for consideration by the Committee. The Executive Committee shall provide the Committee with the text of any recommended amendment at a regular meeting and voting shall take place at the next regular meeting, provided proper notice according to these Bylaws has been given. A two-thirds (2/3) vote is required by those members present and voting for an amendment to be ratified.

XVII. PARLIMENTARY AUTHORITY All meetings of this Committee shall be governed by these bylaws, the Rules of the Maine Democratic Party, Roberts Rules of Order, and the customs and traditions of the Party. The responsibility for the interpretation of these authorities, as well as any inconsistencies between them, shall rest with the Chair.



Chair: Kiernan Majerus-Collins

Date: 4/25/19

Secretary: Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer

Date: 4/25/19