December 2017 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2017


  1. Call to order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Pass the Hat Fundraising Solicitation

  4. Secretary’s Report

    1. Motion to accept the Secretary’s report amendments

      1. Motion: Elaine Makas

      2. 2nd: John Sinclair

      3. Vote: Passed

    2. Motion to Accept the Minutes

      1. Motion: Elaine Makas

      2. 2nd: Chris Beam

      3. Vote: Passed

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Balance as of Dec. 1: $6741.78

    2. Coordinators at Bates have not been paid yet

    3. Motion to file report for Audit

      1. Motion: Dick Grandmaison.

      2. 2nd: Mike Lajoie

      3. Vote: Passed

  6. Chair’s Report

    1. Fought hard to try to win the election yesterday.

    2. Comments from the committee on the election:

      1. Don’t put things in your email you do not want getting out.

      2. There are lots of racists in Lewiston, and I am sure Ben ran into a lot of that.

      3. We need to figure out how respond to attacks in print, and on social media. Columnists have been attacking the party for years with no response.

      4. Bernie was not from Maine, the call could have been detrimental to his campaign. Increased perception that Ben was being supported from out of state.

      5. Election only took place at one locality

      6. Talk to people on the legislative delegation, get absentee voting extended until day before election day.

    3. Chair’s Ideas

      1. Make early voting more accessable

      2. More polling places

      3. Nominate people that better represent the city and electorate

      4. Make ranked choice voting the method of determining majority

      5. No more runoffs (use ranked choice instead)

      6. Rethink how we do campaigns in the field

      7. Elected officials need to endorse the party’s candidate

  7. Other Business

    1. Caucus Sunday March 4th

      1. Pre-registration Jan 10-17th

    2. Elaine Makas encourages people to call Susan Collins

    3. Platform Committee will be meeting Jan 7th

    4. Motion for the Executive Committee to come up with an ad to run in the Lewiston Leader and the Twin-City Times promoting the values of the Democratic Party, value of the buy to be left to the best judgement of the Executive Committee.

      1. Tabled to January by affirmation

    5. Jared Golden is having a fundraiser on 12/20 at 411 Grove Street from 6-8pm

  8. Motion to adjourn

    1. Motion: Jim Lysen

    2. 2nd: Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer

    3. Vote: Passed