February 2018 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for February 14th, 2018

  1. Call to order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Pass the Hat Fundraising Solicitation

  4. Treasurer’s Report: $4640.87 Balance

    1. Motion to file for audit: Diane Grandmaison

    2. 2nd: Margaret Craven

    3. Passes

  5. Secretary’s Report

    1. Motion to approve with amendments (correction of misspelled names): Dick Grandmaison

    2. 2nd: Margaret Craven

    3. Passes

  6. Elected Official’s Report

    1. Mike Lajoie speaks on issues before the City Council.

    2. Alicia Rea speaks on the issues before the school committee.

    3. Dick Grandmaison reports on the Rail Study Plan.

    4. Chris Beam reports on the actions of the state committee.

      1. Rules committees will be considering a rule that blocks local and county committees from endorsing in primaries.

  7. Chair’s Report

    1. Raised more money than any other municipal committee

    2. Run-through of races and candidates

    3. March 4th Caucus

      1. Margaret Craven, John Myrand, Chris Beam to sign people in.

      2. Safiya Khalid to obtain food.

  8. Candidate Remarks

    1. Sean Faircloth (D-Gubenatorial Candidate) talks about his campaign for governor.

  9. Other Business

    1. None

  10. New Members

    1. None

  11. Adjournment

    1. Motion: Mike Lajoie

    2. 2nd: Dick Grandmaison

    3. Passes