January 2018 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for January 10th, 2018

  1. Call to order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Pass the Hat Fundraising Solicitation

  4. Secretary’s Report

    1. Motion to Accept the Minutes for December 12th

      1. Motion: Ben Villeneuve

      2. 2nd: Chris Beam

      3. Vote: Passed

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Balance as of Jan. 1: 4000.47

    2. Motion to file report for Audit

      1. Motion: John Sinclair

      2. 2nd: Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer

      3. Vote: Passes

  6. State Legislative, County Commission, City Council, and School Committee remarks.

    1. Nate Libby talks on legislative agenda and state party recruiting efforts.

    2. Mike Lajoie speaks on the business of the City Council. Reaffirmed the appointments of the Mayor.

    3. Chris Beam informs the LCDC on the Democratic platform committee.

  7. Candidate Remarks

    1. John Butler needs to get 50-70 signatures to run for County Commission.

    2. Kristen Cloutier announces her campaign for HD 60 - Jared Golden’s current district.

    3. Adam Cote talks about his campaign and his qualifications for governor.

  8. Chair’s Report

    1. Endorsements for current candidates running again, should we be doing them?

      1. Chris Beam thinks we should hold off until after candidate petitions are filed.

      2. Kiernan thinks endorsements would scare away potential challengers.

      3. Chris Beam cautions against wading into races where everyone is local.

      4. Kiernan pontificates on his point of view. We should not allow primary challenges to state legislatures we are happy with.

    2. Officers have begun to work on a bylaw revision to assist with proper audit procedures.

  9. Other Business

    1. Motion to add Emma Russell to the LCDC

      1. Motion: Rita Lajoie

      2. 2nd: Bill Coffin

      3. Vote: Passed

    2. Audit Committee recommendations are being considered by the officers, and will be added to the bylaws at the earliest possible convenience along with other possible changes.

    3. Desire to create an ad for the Democratic Party has been expressed again.

      1. Tabled to February by affirmation

    4. Caucus will be held March 4th

      1. Should be held starting at 2:00pm.

  10. Motion to adjourn

    1. Motion: Mike Lajoie

    2. 2nd: Chris Beam

    3. Vote: Passed