July 2018 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for July 11th, 2018

  1. Call to Order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Pass the Hat Fundraising

  4. Treasurer's Report: Balance $173,374.98

    1. Motion to file June report for audit: Richard Grandmaison

    2. 2nd:Margaret Craven

    3. Passes

  5. Secretary's Report

    1. Motion to approve the minutes from June: Margaret Craven

    2. 2nd: Chris Hodgkins

    3. Passes

  6. Chair's Report

    1. Update from legislators: None present

    2. Update from Commissions: None present

    3. Update from City Council: None Present

    4. Update from School Committee: None Present

    5. Update from State Committee: Chris Beam talks about upcoming election for DSC Secretary

    6. Update from County Committee: Elaine Makas talks about upcoming community events (Moxie Day Parade, Dessert Social Saturday July 21 at Mary Roussel's House) and about calling Susan Collins to protest against Kavanaugh (Portland Office: 207-780-3575, Washington DC: 202-224-2523)

    7. Welcome Jason Lavoie

  7. Old Business

    1. Motion to Accept the Current Amendments to the Bylaws: Chris Beam

    2. 2nd: Chris Hodgkins

    3. Vote: 9 in Favor, 2 Opposed.

    4. Passes

  8. New Business

    1. Motion to Approve $6000 for a Bates Program: Margaret Craven

      1. 2nd: Chris Hodgkins

      2. Vote: Passes

    2. Motion to Approve $6000 for a New Mainers Program structured similarly to the Bates Program: Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer

      1. 2nd: Richard Grandmaison

      2. Vote: Passes

    3. Motion to Audit the Treasurer's reports since the conclusion of the last audit: Richard Grandmaison

      1. 2nd: John Sinclair

      2. Passes

        1. Audit Committee Members: Richard Grandmaison, Bill Coffin, Gerald Frenette

  9. New Member Approval:

    1. Motion to accept Elizabeth Eames and Gerald Frenette as members of the LDCC: Chris Hodgkins

      1. 2nd: Margaret Craven

      2. Passes

    2. Motion to accept Jason Lavoie as a member of the LDCC: Margaret Craven

      1. 2nd: Elizabeth Eames

      2. Passes

  10. Motion for Adjournment: John Sinclair

    1. 2nd: Diane Grandmaison

    2. Passes


Attendance: Kiernan-Majerus-Collins, Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer, Bill Coffin, Chris Hodgkins, Richard Waye, Rita Lajoie*, Margaret Craven, Richard Grandmaison, Diane Grandmaison, Safiya Khalid, Elaine Makas*, John Myrand, Chris Beam, John Sinclair

Non-Member Attendance: Keith Lane, Jason Lavoie, Gerald Frenette, Elizabeth Eames,