The Lewiston Democratic Party City Committee is made up of Lewiston residents from all walks of life. We come together in common cause to advance our shared ideals and policy objectives.

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Current Committee Members

Beam, Christopher

Beam, Joline

Bittues, Ira

Bourgoin, Denny

Brooks, Heidi

Cardwell-Copenhefer, Owen

Carey, Michael

Chapman, Audrey

Chin, Nicola

Coffin, William

Craven, Margaret

Deitcher, Emmett

Dionne, Luc

Eams, Elizabeth

Fair, Eileen

Frenette, Gerald

Frost, Alyssa

Fuller, Roger

Gauvreau, N

Golden, Jared

Grandmaison, Diane

Grandmaison, Richard

Hachey, Roland

Hall, Bruce

Handy, Alexis

Handy, James

Harwood, James

Hill, Walter

Hodgkins, Christopher

Holden, Christine

Kassim, Ikran

Khalid, Safiya

Lajoie, Michel

Lajoie, Rita

Lavoie, Jason

Libby, Nathan

Lysen, James

Madore, Noel

Majerus-Collins, Kiernan

Makas, Elaine

Maloney, Laurie

Merrill, Richard

Mohamed, Fardowza

Monteith, Sherry

Morris, Rick

Myrand, John

Paradis, Ronnella

Peters, Cynthia

Plourde, Edward

Poirier, Roland

Projansky, David

Rea, Alicia

Reagan, Michael

Reynolds, Thomas C

Richard Waye

Roy, Monique

Rotundo, Margaret

Seller, Maureen

Seshan, Maya

Sinclair, John

Thornton, Cecile

Young, Martha