October 2017 Minutes

Lewiston Democratic Party

City Committee Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2017

  1. Call to order.

  2. Pledge of Allegiance.

  3. Fundraising solicitation—ActBlue and pass the hat.

  4. Treasurer’s report.

  5. Adjusted last month starting balance and all future balances to be month-to-month rather than meeting-to-meeting in line with Audit Committee recommendations. New September balance: $3134.24

  6. October Starting balance: $3228.08

    1. Accept Report:

      1. Motion: Mike Lajoie

      2. 2nd: Chris Beam

      3. Vote: Passed

  7. Secretary’s report.

  8. August 9th minutes:

    1. Motion: John Sinclair

    2. 2nd: Alicia Rea

    3. Vote: Passed

  9. August 16th minutes:

    1. Motion: Hal Larsson

    2. 2nd: Mike Lajoie

    3. Vote: Passed

  10. September 13th minutes:

    1. Lots of misspelled names, all-noticed corrected. New draft with corrections resubmitted for approval.

      1. Motion: Chris Beam

      2. 2nd: John Sinclair

      3. Vote: Passed

  11. Candidate and Elected Official remarks.

  12. Lajoie, Libby, Abdi, Villeneuve, Rea, Beam, Eves spoke about upcoming issues and their campaigns.

  13. Expenditures:

  14. The Lewiston Democratic City Committee authorizes the expenditure of $4000 for a program to increase voter turnout at Bates College, to be administered by Kiernan Majerus-Collins, the committee chair.

    1. The program will be paid for after November 7th, when the committee has over $6000 in its bank account.

    2. The Lewiston Democratic City Committee additionally authorizes the chair to hire Jason Paul as a fundraising consultant for the Lewiston Democratic City Committee. Compensation for this position shall be the lesser of the following two options:

      1. A. The total amount raised by the Lewiston Democratic City Committee from donors outside of Maine between the adoption of this motion on 10/11/17 and 12/31/18.

      2. B. $2000

  15. Motion to Authorize Expenditures:

    1. Motion: Alicia Rea

    2. 2nd: John Sinclair

    3. Vote: 10 in favor, 1 against

  16. Open forum.

  17. Adjournment.